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The PM2Erglib project is centered around the Concept2 PM2+ performance monitor, the monitor that comes as an option to the Concept2 ergometer indoor rower.

What can you find here?


Currently, pm2d is still being developed. The current release, pm2d-1.0.1, performs basic functions like setting up a workout, monitoring and collecting data during the workout, and writing log files. There is no friendly user interface yet; the user interface will propably be a separate program. You can use the 1.0.1 version to do your workouts by pointing your browser to it (at http://localhost:8880/), or extend it by writing your own graphical interface for it. Be sure to read the documentation pm2d.pdf first.

A very brief introduction to pm2d (for Linux, if you use FreeBSD or other un*xes you'll have to figure out yourself what to do):

If you want to download the current version, get it from the project summary page download links at It is available as RPM and SRPM for Linux, and as a gzipped tar sources for other Unix systems (it has been tested on FreeBSD and Solaris/Intel).

The next planned release will have a couple of interesting features:

You can watch progress on the new version (or help!) by having a look at the CVS tree at


pm2snoop is a tool for analyzing the serial interface traffic between a program on a pc (eg. pm2d, or e:Row) and the rower. It is not a nice, well-written program... but it works. It is intended to run on a pc (with two serial ports) of which one is connected to the rower, and the other one to the pc running the program you want to analyze.

There is no packaged version available for pm2snoop. Also, there is no documentation at all. The protocol is not completely decoded, and there are no current plans to improve on this.

Links to interesting sites Suppliers of the indoor rower and the PM2+ unit Another supplier of another type of indoor rower Very good site with lots of information, interviews, online races, etc Lots of information on the theory of ergometers and links to suppliers Quite another type of rowing The pm2erglib project summary page Deep down (or far up?) in the CVS tree

Activity log

September 20, 2002 Minor (very minor) fixes and a change to the html in the second release. pm2d-1.0.1 is now available for download
May 22, 2002 New layout for the web site
May 21, 2002 The first released package for the project, pm2d-1.0.0, is now available for download


If you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever, contact me at